Delta-T Controller(ATC-SR530C6)
Main technical data
1、Dimension:  210mmX145mmX40mm
2、Self  power  consumption:  <3W
3、Measuring accuracy of temperature: ±2℃
4、Temperature range of measurement: 0~99℃
5、Power of temperature difference controlled circulation pump≤600W
6、Power of time controlled circulation pump≤600W
7、Power of auxiliary electrical booster ≤2000W ( standard collocation),
≤3000W (not standard, selection available )

Inputs and Outputs
1、 Inputs signal
(1)、Temperature sensor on collector T1
(2)、Temperature sensor on bottom part of tank T2
(3)、Temperature sensor on top part of tank T3
2、 Output controlling
(1)、Electrical booster
(2)、Circulation 1
(3)、Circulation 2
Main functions
1.    Clock  display
2.  Temperature  difference    on/off
3.  Maximum  tank  temperature
4.  Frost  protection
5.  Temperature  controlled  hot  water  circulation  pump
6.  Time  controlled  hot  water  circulation  pump
7.  Temperature  controlled  auxiliary  heating  during  three  time  section
8.  Protection  functions  (  a.  Memory  protection,  
             b.  anti-bacteria  protection  )