Testimonial from customer
2014-3-10 11:31:45

AUCKLAT HEATING has been in renewable energy heating market for many years.  Years of hard work and faith to provide customer high satisfaction of products has won many praise from customer from different countries.  Some of customer say :

------------ - With pleasure, I recommend the products and services Changzhou Xinwang Green Energy Co, Ltd. I bought in the year of 2012 three solar collectors AKU 16147 (U-pipe) and one Solar Master. These four items I have installed myself. It was very easy to do it. They have been rung very nice from the beginning and still do. This company is professional and punctual and has been providing me excellent products and service.
I am highly satisfied and I have no complains.
I sincerely recommend your professional services and quality products.
( from Richard from Swede)

--------------AUCKLAT pellet stove has made our cold winter warm and nice. It woks at very high efficient than usual air-condition, which in very cold winter doesn’t work sufficient.  (from Kralj from Russia )

-------------Thank Aucklat pellet stove. It saves us big electricity bills. We used to use electrical stove, which costs not only huge amount of electricity bill, but also limited warm only. Aucklat pellet stove spread the warm to the whole room, and less pollution   ( from Nicolai from Spain)