2014-4-20 10:31:45

AUCKLAT HEAITNG has been striving to provide European customer with premium products and satisfactory service for many years.  AUCKLAT HEATING opened it’s second Europe warehouse in Italy.

1. Small quantity delivery
Customer could enjoy 7days delivery upon order, avoid waiting 1month from China for only small quantity.

2. Save your customs clearance work.
Goods are ready for pick up. Troublesome customs clearance work leave to us

3. Enable your fast stock fill in, facilitate manage of your stock.  
Manage stock of different specifications and models may a headache work. With our warehouse, call us anytime.

4. Quick spare parts supply
Many have experiences of writing thousands emails asking for only some spare parts, and wait ages for urgent supply to arrive . With us, simply a call, it arrives you in 7days.

5. Capital involved in less time

With us, you only pay before you pick up. It delays your payment for 1month ocean time.